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 A(ttention) Deficit Delight 

In an era saturated with 'smart technologies', where stimuli abound and attention is perpetually sought, this performance serves as a reflection of our times. Drawing inspiration from the ADHD mind, it is a voyage into heightened sensory awareness, offering a nuanced perspective on our technologically dense reality. The dance captures an intense physical and emotional journey. Within the confines of a shimmering 10x10x5m cube, eight dancers pulsate with the restless energy and hypersensitivity emblematic of sensory overload. Their distinct, mostly solo, movements oscillate between sharp attention shifts and overwhelming sensory deluges, painting a vivid tableau of the ADHD experience. Accompanied by an eclectic soundscape, ranging from sporadic shouts to a medley of pop, rock, techno, and original compositions, and punctuated by vibrant attire, personal makeup, and flashing lights, the performance beckons audiences to immerse themselves in a realm where sound, movement, and emotion converge. It's not just a dance; it's an exploration of sensation, perception, and the cultural demands of our attention-saturated world.

World premiere 26.04.2023 


Co-creators/performers and writers: Ida Hebsgaard, Jil Sira, Iselin Nybak, William Vikan,

Aasa Frøystein, Oskar Vigren, Edith Strand Askeland and Panisara Wanlopbanhan

Participated in the creation process but did not performed: Lou Ditaranto

Choreographer and set design: Yaniv Cohen

Light designer: Martin Myrvold

Composer & sound design: Rebekka Andresen

Costume designer: Eyrun Müller in collaboration with the dancers


Artistic support: Janne-Camilla Lyster, Per Roar, and Asher Lev

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