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Flekk is a one on one dance performance that aims to uplift the spirits of small children who are currently forced to celebrate their birthdays without their friends because of Covid 19. At the same time, Flekk is also meant to provide work and artistic engagement to professional dancers who are left these days without much financial support and mostly without the ability to reach an audience to perform for. Through a creative approach to the rule of social distancing, Flekk insists that the dancing body stays present in a shared physical space with the spectator, allowing the immediate abstract language it produces to reach the child in a fashion that is unmediated by technology and unflattened by a screen.


Production | Y to C – Yaniv Cohen

Page photo | Knut Egil Wang

Dancers | Maja Naomi Furnes, Madeleine Fairminer, Oda Bjørholm, Sara Enger Larsen, Mari Angell-Petersen Grønnesby, Gunhild Løhre, Tonje Sannes, Karoline Bergh Ellingsen, Timothy Bartlett, Mai Elin Løkken, Maggi Asbjørnsen, Adrian Bartczak, Sebastian Biong and Yaniv Cohen, 


Co-produced by | Dansenshus Oslo, Carte Blanche Bergen, DansiT Trondehim.

Support | The Norwegian art council 



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