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Four colorful Flekker makes a surprise entrance into schools and kindergartens, children's natural habitat, joining and engaging their own rich imagination in order to create a moment of unforgettable magic. It is an adaptable production fit for these times of uncertainty. Flekker conceals traits of personal and cultural identities, giving the child's mind more room for diving into sounds, colors, and abstract forms. As opposed to sitting in a theater with stricter social codes, Flekker transforms the school environment into an immersive stage that allows the children to engage more directly and intuitively with the performance. They become both hosts and guests, experiencing the dance as a gift meant especially for them.


Production | Y to C – Yaniv Cohen

Choreographer | Yaniv Cohen

Page photo | Yaniv Cohen

Dancers | Maja Naomi Furnes, Madeleine Fairminer, Oda Bjørholm, Gunhild Løhre, Tonje Sannes, Timothy Bartlett, Adrian Bartczak, Chollada Phinitduang, Anna Thu Schmidt, Marie Rechsteiner, Michael Aspli, Vilja Kwasny, Max Makowski, Nadege Kubwayo, Tomos Young, Irene Ingebretsen, Tonje Sannes, Yvonne Laurence.


Co-produced by | Dansenshus Oslo, Carte Blanche Bergen, DansiT Trondehim and Scenekunstsør.

Support | The Norwegian art council 

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