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Pipping is a video installation that lets the audience to pip into private moments happening in a hotel room. By pipping into the box, the audience becomes part of the installation, he is been filmed and his image is projected behind him.


At first, it may seem as a project about intimacy, about what is the image of intimacy. Or, more exactly, the frontier between intimacy and sexual teasing. In this ambiguity, Yanniv created a device with the same logic which preserves the same quality – in this case a box, inside which the film is screened, and people has to peek inside to watch. But then, there are other layers, that will only be perceptible when it is activated. The kind of images he chose, what he filmed, may question the notion of intimacy. And of even pornography?… But more than just that, he is questioning the most personal meaning of watching, including the activation of conscious of watching…



Created during TRYANGLE – Performing Arts Research Laboratories - Marseille 2012

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