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You look like you | Work in progress | 18. March

As part of the research for his up and coming project, You Look Like You, Yaniv Cohen is holding a public presentation of the work in progress at Scenehuset, Oslo, Norway.


At the core of this research is the development of a method that encapsulates and redefines the encounter between an audience and performers. The structure that the method purposes, encourages a shared response-ability for the emergent choreography. Thus, a space opens up for blurring the audience/performer relationship, crossing ethical borders and empowering intimate moments in which a “small dance” becomes important.

The work will be presented by 4 performers who have participated in a previous workshop with Yaniv.

The showing will last approximately 60 min followed by a short after talk.

There will be two showings on the 18th of March, 18.00 and 20.00. Audience number is limited,

so please register below if you wish to attend. Entrance is free.



Bogstadveien 49,

0366 Oslo,


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